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"Using the arts as a healing force, we believe anyone can greatly improve their state of mind and subsequently have a better emotional and physiological well-being."- J.Peera, Director

With the help of our creative team, we are able to bring the Healium experience to U! Our programs include unique team-building exercises, guided meditations, leadership activities, creative art therapy and MORE! Contact us today for more information.

Blue Thunder is the house healer for Healium Center. She and her small team of trained healers specialize in alternative healing methods such as Reiki and Reflexology, Guided Meditations, Sound Baths and more. Find out more about her services and hours here.

Our classes require no prior skills and a willing mind. We aim to have something for every part of the body, mind, and spirit here at the center. Classes and seminars range from Nude Life Drawing to Art of Intention to  Ecstatic Dance...and more!


The "Art Of The Heal" Project was launched after the 2017 election. Celebrate your freedom of expression by creating and sending art to the White House. This project can be done at Healium or in your very own home. Every week we provide you with the materials! More info at!


We offer a variety of workshops with the help of professional artists and healers in the surrounding areas. Meetings and presentations can be held in any of our rooms with ease due to our projector amenities. If you have a workshop you'd like to bring to our space please contact us today. View our Special Events tab to see whats coming up next!

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