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"The Peera family was involved in curating and supporting the visual arts in East Africa for over two decades. In 1970, the dictator Idi Amin nationalized all their assets and forced them to leave their country penniless. Jim Peera, the youngest of five siblings, spent the next years of his life being educated in the West & settling and becoming a successful entrepreneur in America. In 2013, Jim opened Healium Center with his wife (Donna), son (Jeff) and daughter (Haseena) in Candler Park; a healing with the arts interactive wellness sanctuary. The center promotes diversity, peace, and self-exploration of the soul using the inner creative as its medicine."

- VoyageATL Magazine


 Using the medicine of the creative and healing arts in a judgment-free interactive setting, Healium's unique model has witnessed some amazing self-transformation and breakthroughs in individuals since its inception. Although we have positively impacted thousands of  souls, we have a lot more  work to do!  And with your support we can connect, uplift and empower every adult in America with the prescription of their own healing elixir; the inner creative. By applying a combination of the creative and healing arts as a regular wellness regimen, we believe anyone can greatly improve their state of mind, attain inner peace and subsequently have a better emotional and physiological well-being. Now that's a great vision for America!


Healium Center Foundation is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) non-profit spiritual  & religious organization committed to connecting, educating, inspiring, and uplifting the human community. The Center's philosophy is grounded in the creative and healing arts, as well as the teachings of the Tao, Engaged Buddhism, Shamanism, and Partnership cultures. HealiUm Center's  approach encourages attendees to be participants of its offerings and activities     without any reservation or predisposition.  Located in a 100+ year old church, the beautiful  3-level building welcomes  ordinary people of all beliefs without any artistic skills to come together to unleash their inner creative. We provide a dynamic space for ALL people of all abilities, interests, and passions to transcend beyond conventional wisdom and share new ideas. The center provides an ever-changing array of classes, workshops, and outreach programs focused on bolstering the imagination and  emotion through the arts, and metaphysics. Healium is also Atlanta's premier event rental space for the arts and spiritual community.

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