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Healium’s Self Care Guide For Covid-19

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Dear friends and community;

Hope you are all staying home! The coming months will test our individual resolve like no other period in recent history. We at Healium Center have put together a fact sheet and some valuable tips to guide you through this pandemic. Our goal is to SAVE LIVES by: 1. HELPING YOU STOP THE SPREAD & STAY SAFE 2. HELPING YOU STAY SANE DURING THE QUARANTINE This is an unprecedented time in human history that requires every ounce of common sense, patience, sacrifice, mental strength and creativity to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on each person,our family and our country. We are being tested to our limits on all fronts (mentally, financially, physically, spiritually) and we must stay strong and focussed to win this invisible war. And we will. The most important first step is to understand the urgency of what we must do today in order to stay healthy and live for tomorrow. This is the time to exercise self-care and be in balance. This is not the time to be reckless by trying to outsmart this invisible enemy. Together we can survive this challenging period and come out whole… if we do it right. IMPORTANT COVID-19 FACTS Based on collective global data, doctors & existing scientific evidence.

1. 80% of infected patients have contracted it from people who didn’t show any symptoms. 2. You can be a carrier and not even know it. 3. It spreads through talking, breathing & touching (not just sneezing or coughing) 4. It’s not just older adults and the unhealthy who are its victim. Healthy young adults are also at risk for being sick and placed in the ICU. 5. The virus can live on surfaces for up to a 3 or more days 6. There is no vaccine or proven therapy to date. 7. America has the MOST cases in the world. 8. This is an insidious virus.Up to 50% of our population can be infected if we don’t take social distancing seriously. No one is immune to it. 9. America has a shortage of masks & testing ability 10. If you are infected, there’s not a lot you can do except rest,take a lot of liquids & fever reducers. 11. It could take up to 4 weeks to recuperate. 12. If you have chest pains & difficulty breathing, go to the nearest hospital. 13. Global fatality rate is 5% of infected cases. 14. There will be at least TWO waves (recurrence) so be ready for a marathon.

“ For a long while, we have been comfortable but become disconnected. For a short while, we need to be uncomfortable to get reconnected” - Jim Peera


1. ACT AS IF YOU HAVE THE VIRUS - Take it very seriously. 2. STAY AT HOME - Transmission is reduced by refraining from as much human to human contact. Avoid all social contact & gatherings for the next few weeks. No crowds. No parties. No visiting your friends or loved ones. No eating out etc. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 3. WEAR A MASK - This can prevent spreading the virus by as much as 50% to or from others. Do this anytime you step out of the house and go anywhere. 4. WASH HANDS FREQUENTLY. Use of 60% alcohol hand sanitizer and/or soap & water is effective. 5. DISINFECT ALL PACKAGES, DELIVERIES & GROCERIES. You don’t know how many hands and people have touched what you are buying. 6. STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNITY. Be proactive and be prepared for the worst. Rest more, worry less & take supplements to boost your immune system to help fight this virus. 7. REFRAIN FROM EATING PREPARED FOOD. You don’t know if the person(s) who prepared your food is a carrier. Most folks are not wearing masks or gloves so why take the chance? Try to cook your own meals. 8. REDUCE CASH TRANSACTIONS. We know this virus lives on substrates for many days. So why take the chance of transmitting it with paper money or coins? Use C/C, Venmo, Paypal, Bitcoin etc

STAYING SANE Mental wellness is our most concern during your ‘stay at home’ incubation period that could last several weeks or even months. You will experience cabin fever and its symptoms can manifest in the form of loneliness, depression, angst, frustration, lack of self-esteem, boredom, anxiety and so on. Be prepared, it’s coming and don’t freak out as it’s totally normal. The good news is you can do something about it. The most important thing is to keep yourself in mind, body and soul balance. And this is where your Healium training is going to help you! Below are some ways for single individuals (or couples) to take advantage of the down time and make the most of it by activating your inner-creative. Afterall, every problem has a creative solution. In the Healium spirit, we are suggesting you reduce use of cellphones & social media and increase interactive activities. Many ideas we are sharing are online for free and readily available in your home. Each day make a plan to do a little of something from the 3 categories below. Set your own time and pace. If you are not motivated, just repeat this mantra “if it is to be, it is up to me”.


1. Meditation . Take 15 minutes each day to be in silence and clear your mind with meditation. 2. Gratitude Prayer. When you wake up, spend 5-10 minutes being in gratitude to your creator and be thankful for what you have. This will set your day in the right frame of mind. 3. Reading. A book or a magazine is a great tonic for the brain. So feed it with fiction or nonfiction. 4. Writing. Activate your creative abilities by writing a poem, a blog, a journal or even book that you’ve longed to write. 5. Laughter . This is medicine for the brain. Watch old comedy classics on TV or youtube, read comics, and get in the habit of keeping a smile. 6. Resting . The brain needs a good rest. Take power naps and get 8 hours of sleep whenever possible. 7. Learning. There are a lot of free tutorials or short seminars on the internet. Take advantage of them. Learn how to; trade stocks & cryptocurrency, cook, plant, make jewelry, etc. Watch TED talks to expand your knowledge on a plethora of subjects. 8. Board games. Get those dusty board games & playing cards out of storage and start playing. It’s great for couples and families to interact the old fashion way. 9. Keep CV news to healthy levels . You need to keep current with news, but be careful not to be glued to it. It can be harmful to your health. A positive mental attitude is key to mindfulness. 10. Enjoy the outdoors. Fresh air does a mind good. Get out at least once a day. Gardening is great therapy too. 11. Breathing. We don’t breathe right. Take note of your breath and take deep breaths into your nose into the diaphragm and out of the mouth. This will help reduce stress levels.

12. Reduce alcohol use. Try to avoid drowning your anxiety with

depressants such as alcohol. Alcohol actually changes levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain, which can worsen anxiety.


1. Stretching & Yoga . Take 10-15 mins each day to stretch indoors or outdoors. Learn some tutorials on yoga and just do it. Mornings are best. Make this a daily routine. 2. Walking. Walking & jogging around your neighborhood is easy and beneficial to your overall health. Going out in nature such as a park or in the woods is even more fun. Just be careful not to get in close proximity to people (6 ft apart minimum). 3. Dancing. Nothing is more fun and therapeutic for the mind and body than freestyle dancing. Put on your favorite playlist and move your body to the beat without any care. Soon you will be addicted. 4. Toning/Tai Chi. Pick up some free lessons on youtube on tai-chi and just go for it. Got cans of paint laying around or weights? Get creative and tone your muscles. 5. Cycling. If you got a bike, spend 30 minutes riding around your neighborhood. It’s great cardio workout! 6. Sit ups/Push ups. Make a habit to have a 15 minute self- care workout plan using old fashion techniques such as you did back in school. It’s great for building muscle and strength. 7. Blood/Energy Circulation. Move your stagnant energy. Sitting on the computer and straining your eyes on digital devices for hours will cause fatigue and unhealthy imbalance. Be creative and use a tennis ball or similar as a tapping device and gently tap from your head temple down to your feet to release tension.

8. Eat Healthy. Avoid comfort and fast foods. A high fat and sugar

diet will surely make you more lethargic and depressed. So take this

opportunity to learn how to cook your own healthier meals.


1. Drawing & Painting. Pick up pencils, crayons, paints & start re-activating our inner child. You are bursting with inspiration, at this time. And you must get it out. Now just reach into your soul, get out of your head and freely express your emotions. 2. Singing., Start singing in the shower. Slowly you will have confidence to play your favorite tunes and sing anywhere in the house. It’s great therapy and exercise for your lungs. 3. Music. Take out that dusty guitar, or instrument you played in high school and re-ignite your musical spark. It’s your medicine! 4. Drumming. We are all natural born drummers. While we were in our mother’s womb for nine months we heard the beat of her heart; and it sounded like drums. So pick up pans/ bowls and wooden ladles etc from the kitchen and start drumming. Close your eyes and just feel the rhythm. Don’t judge it. Just enjoy the process. You will be addicted and have a lot of fun! 5. Sound Therapy. Since ancient times, sound vibration healing has been used to provide therapeutic benefits for the mind and soul. Just search for “sound bath”on youtube and pick one. Then close your eyes to absorb the sounds of sacred instruments. It’s very relaxing. When we reopen you can get the full personal treatment at Healium’s Sound Immersion. 6. Photography. Take your cell phone camera out in nature and spend some time appreciating the beauty of flowers, trees, birds, etc. You’ll be amazed how great of a photographer you are simply connecting with your creative spirit outdoors. 7. Crafts & Mixed Media. Use your imagination and create anything from taking scraps, paper, house junk and just let go and be creative! 8. Go Within . For so long you've been too busy working and grinding.

Now, this is your time for spiritual self-discovery. Pray & meditate. Embrace silence and be at peace with yourself.

Be well, stay balanced and hope to see you soon.

Jim Peera , Founder & Director

Healium Center Foundation,Inc

A 501C(3) Non Profit Arts & Spiritual Organization

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Healium Center
Healium Center
May 01, 2020

Hi Friends,

As a way to stay connected with y'all during our absence, we will be putting out

some 'Healium-styled' youtube videos to help you relax and keep you uplifted.

Here's the first one to enjoy! Be sure to leave us a comment and feedback.

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