Art Heals

uplifting you with the arts

Welcome to HealiUm

HealiUm is a multi-cultural interactive arts sanctuary located  in Candler Park, Atlanta.

We are an interactive arts & music sanctuary and a creative playground for adults.

Our mission is to uplift people using the power of the creative arts as a healing tool.

This center is about YOU and the importance of your connection with the mind, body and spirit using the arts as a pathway to personal growth and empowerment.  By the arts, we mean visual art, music, dance, and poetry.

At HealiUm we believe that art is the most powerful healing force and that everyone of us is both an inner artist and an inner healer.  In our ART GALLERY, come experience surrealism art without boundaries and meet the creative minds behind their thought-provoking works. Our ART STUDIO  provides an interactive  experience every Wednesdays  where you will be enlightened, entertained and inspired to unleash your own creative genius without reservation or judgment!  Here's what people are saying:


Healium Center is incredible and magical.  I absolutely love this place. - Tammy. A

Really awesome place to relax and just make art! Julissa.R

Had an amazingly fun time at Open Studio Wednesdays. Will definitely be back.-Tricia.C.

I had never painted before and Healium gave me an open heart to create and heal my wounds.
What an incredible experience and place!Laura .N
I am in love with this place! So much beautiful goodness & true loving love love, LOVE inside this building! I am so thankful for this!- David.B

Finally an arts center for adults to be free and activate their inner creative.- John.S 

Amazing collection of  surrealism art and diversity in this beautiful place!- Vanessa.R